How to prepare for your boudoir shoot tips.

How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Shoot

Tips from Detroit Boudoir Photographer, Magan Rogers Boudoir As a luxury boudoir photographer, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of boudoir photography. I’ve also learned exactly how to prepare for your boudoir shoot. It is so much more than just the outfits and posing. You also need to be in the right […]

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Woman in red lingerie spread out across the couch in a beautiful luxury boudoir studio in Ferndale.

Michigan’s Luxury Boudoir Photographer

How Can Boudoir Photography Transform You When you step inside Magan Rogers Boudoir located at 800 Hilton Rd. Ferndale, Mi. You are met with someone who truly understands that a boudoir session is a deeply personal and empowering experience. Having a safe and comfortable environment where you can fully express your unique sensuality and divine […]

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Should you do Couples Boudoir Photos?

Couples Boudoir as an Intimate Way to Connect Are you and your partner looking for something different? Have you been thinking about setting up a boudoir shoot for the both of you to really connect in a new, intimate way? Take a look here to find out the real deal behind the couple’s session. By […]

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Woman leaning against a wall in a long black robe with lingerie underneath.

Lingerie to Loungewear For Boudoir

What to Wear for Your Boudoir Session Boudoir photography is an intimate and empowering way to showcase your sensual side in a personal and artistic way. From the delicate lace of lingerie to the flowing elegance of robes, choosing the perfect attire is crucial to capturing your beauty and allure. A boudoir photoshoot is a […]

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Woman lying on her back on the bed during a boudoir session.

What To Know – Your Essential Guide to Boudoir Photography

Intimate photography is an art form that captures the subject’s beauty, emotion, and passion in a more personal and intimate way.  It’s a style of photography that focuses on the connection between the photographer and the subject, and it’s often used to capture the beauty of relationships. Your essential guide to everything Boudoir. Intimate photography […]

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woman sitting on the back of the couch holding a bouquet of roses during her boudoir session

Boudoir Will Make You Question Everything

Dive into an Incredible Journey of Self-Discovery Through Boudoir Discover how boudoir will make you question everything. Are you tired of feeling like you’re in a rut, that your life has become mundane, and that something meaningful is missing? Then you should consider embracing the power of boudoir photography, a unique experience that will take […]

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A Boudoir Photography Session? Why Should You Do It?

Boudoir photography celebrates the beauty and sensuality of humans It’s a great way for you to feel empowered, beautiful, and confident. Boudoir sessions can also be a great bonding experience for couples. For most people, conquering their fear of being photographed in any fashion is a tremendous accomplishment! The main requirement is that it serves […]

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woman sitting on a bed facing away from the camera, with her arms up in the air and her bare bum sitting on her feet for boudoir posing tips.

Boudoir Posing Tips

How do you pose for boudoir photos? Boudoir posing does not have to be hard, and if you’re holding back because you’re thinking; “Do I need to be an expert at posing?” The resounding answer is a confident “No!” Navigating the intricacies of posing for boudoir photographs need not be a daunting task. As your […]

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4 ways boudoir photography can change you

Thinking about doing a Boudoir session? Here are some helpful ways that it can help boost your self-love. When you step into the boudoir photography studio in Detroit, Michigan you will rediscover parts of yourself and a new outlook on your body.  You will embrace your inner goddess and a boudoir session will bring out […]

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Woman topless laying back over the arm of a pink chair during her boudoir shoot in metro detroit.

How Revealing Will My Boudoir Session Be?

Does Boudoir have to be revealing? Are you curious about how far to take your boudoir session? Check out this blog about how revealing you should go. One of my clients reached out to me and she said she has never gotten her boudoir pictures done, and that she has no clue on how “revealing” […]

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EVOKE the flame within

Luxury experience - luxury product

Michigan Boudoir Photography

- Katie -

I had such an amazing experience! And my husband was pretty much speechless when he opened the book that was made with all the amazing pictures in it! And not to mention the whole boudoir experience was super empowering! Definitely felt amazing after! If your thinking if you should get pictures done just do it! You won't regret it!

- Alexis -

"I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with this business. I walked into this shoot SO nervous and had no idea what to expect. From the time I walked through the door to the very end she made me feel so comfortable. Magan has the perfect mix of personality and professionalism while shooting. Safe to say I walked out feeling empowered and sexy. The whole experience was intimate and personal and couldn't have been better. The studio space is very clean and cute. I'm happy to say Magan is now a friend and inspiration to me and I can't wait to work with her again. I will be recommending her to all of my friends and family!"

- Margaret -

Sometimes, it takes seeing yourself through the lens of someone else to really open your eyes.
After my boudoir shoot with Magan, I felt more confident in my own body and realized that sometimes what I see in the mirror is not what is actually there. I left that shoot loving my body more, just the way it is.
If you've ever thought about doing a boudoir shoot, NOW is the time and Magan is your girl!

- Rachel -

Magan has mastered the art of making anyone and everyone feel welcome and like you’ve known each other for years. She sees things in such a unique way, she shows you the beautiful you that the world sees. She pulls emotion out of you, and makes you into a total goddess. I would recommend Magan to anyone and everyone considering getting a boudoir session or any session with her. Photos you want to stare at for hours and hang on your wall forever.