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Evoke the flame within.

Everything you are is enough. You are a goddess that deserves to be seen, appreciated, and loved. And I want to capture you just as you are: every curve, every highlight, every smile. You are a work of art and these photos should represent everything you were, are, and will be. Whether you know your power already, or you’re just beginning to understand it, let me help you on this personal and intimate journey. My job isn’t just about the boudoir photos, it’s also about playing an important role in rediscovering your own personal empowerment, your sexiness, your confidence, and your badass energy. You’ve always had the power—and I’m just here to remind you of that and to fan your flame.

Honey, you’re not just a snack; you’re the whole damn meal. 

It’s intimate, personal, and vulnerable but that’s the best part. For many people, the confidence they rediscover while being photographed impacts them for the rest of their life. This allows them to live freely within their power once they walk out the door. I truly believe in this process because I’ve seen it work for so many of my beautiful clients, but also myself.

An important part of rediscovering your power is to transcend your past. Trauma has a way of shaping us for the rest of our lives, but it’s up to us to not let it control us.That’s why every journey is personal, every story is different, and every session is unique. I work with these fragile matters in mind, ALWAYS.

You are safe, you are respected, you are loved, and you are powerful.

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Professional make-up and hairstyling

Stunning high quality imagery within a private studio

I provide an all-inclusive boudoir experience.


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Absolutely stop all your questioning and BOOK THE SHOOT! I got home maybe 2 hours ago and already received a handful of sneak peeks. YOU GUYS, I did NOT know I could feel this amazing. Magan was hands down the coolest chick ever, made me feel so comfortable, I told her I packed some booze to help me feel comfortable and she said I won’t need it and I sure enough did not need it. I didn’t even imagine it would be as awesome as it really was! I promise, if you’ve ever been considering… BOOK THE SHOOT WITH HER, you will 100% not regret it!


"I had such an amazing experience! And my husband was pretty much speechless when he opened the book that was made with all the amazing pictures in it! And not to mention the whole experience was super empowering!"


Get ready to blow your own damn mind!