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Michigan Boudoir

I hear “when I do ‘XYZ’, I’ll book a boudoir session” or “when I gain my confidence, I’ll book…” all the time. What are you waiting for!?
 Book the damn thing!

Your journey doesn’t have a destination--this shoot is an important PART of that journey. Whether you’re needing a confidence boost, a reminder of your power, or just some sexy photos, do it for YOU. 

Boudoir can be a little intimidating at first, especially when there are a lot of unknowns that come with it. And it’s okay to be anxious! That’s why I’m here, and why I explain this awesome process, but more so, why we take our time. This isn’t a “wham-bam, thank you ma’am” experience because you deserve more than that.

We’re going to get to know each other well. But it starts with getting outside your comfort zone and truly LIVING. Push the boundaries and get comfortable where you previously weren’t.


Michigan Boudoir

It's okay if you're nervous!

you are now exiting your comfort zone

Send me an official inquiry through my contact form. We'll schedule an official phone consult! I like to get you on the phone for a quick rundown of the day and how it all works!

If you have a special event and you need your final products back in a certain amount of time, please make sure you let me know in your inquiry.  Payment arrangements ARE available! 

Once we've talked I'll email you over the guides with all the pricing information, and products available.  The prep guide is exactly what it sounds like,  all the pro-tips on what to do before you even step foot in the studio!

Show up, show off - while I guide you ;) -and be prepared to have a blast! 

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- Prep & Pricing Guids -

- Pick Your Date & Payment Plan -

- Do The Damn Thing! -

EVOKE the flame within

Luxury experience - luxury product

Professional make-up and hairstyling

Stunning high quality imagery within a private studio

I provide an all-inclusive boudoir experience.

Michigan Boudoir Photography

Worldwide Boudoir Photography

- Alexis -

"I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with this business. I walked into this shoot SO nervous and had no idea what to expect. From the time I walked through the door to the very end she made me feel so comfortable. Magan has the perfect mix of personality and professionalism while shooting. Safe to say I walked out feeling empowered and sexy. The whole experience was intimate and personal and couldn't have been better. The studio space is very clean and cute. I'm happy to say Magan is now a friend and inspiration to me and I can't wait to work with her again. I will be recommending her to all of my friends and family!"

- Katie -

I had such an amazing experience! And my husband was pretty much speechless when he opened the book that was made with all the amazing pictures in it! And not to mention the whole experience was super empowering! Definitely felt amazing after! If your thinking if you should get pictures done just do it! You won't regret it!

- Rachel -

Magan has mastered the art of making anyone and everyone feel welcome and like you’ve known each other for years. She sees things in such a unique way, she shows you the beautiful you that the world sees. She pulls emotion out of you, and makes you into a total goddess. I would recommend Magan to anyone and everyone considering getting a boudoir session or any session with her. Photos you want to stare at for hours and hang on your wall forever 

- Margaret -

Sometimes, it takes seeing yourself through the lens of someone else to really open your eyes.

After my boudoir shoot with Magan, I felt more confident in my own body and realized that sometimes what I see in the mirror is not what is actually there. I left that shoot loving my body more, just the way it is.

If you've ever thought about doing a boudoir shoot, NOW is the time and Magan is your girl!